The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply from 25 May 2018, when it supersedes the UK Data Protection Act 1998. Significant and wide-reaching in scope, the new law brings a 21st century approach to data protection. It expands the rights of individuals to control how their personal information is collected and processed and places a range of new  obligations on organisations to be more accountable for data protection.

Crucially for businesses, the GDPR sets out much bigger fines for non-compliance — up to 4 per cent of global annual turnover, or £20m, whichever is greater. At present, the Information Commissioner’s Office can issue a maximum fine of £500,000 for breaches of data rules.

You only have until 25 May 2018 to be GDPR Compliant
Compliance is not a choice and time is short

GDPR compliance is not just a matter of ticking a few boxes; the regulation demands that you be able to demonstrate compliance with the data protection principles. This involves taking a risk-based approach to data protection, ensuring appropriate policies and procedures are in place to deal with the transparency, accountability and individuals’ rights provisions, as well as building a workplace culture of data privacy and security.

With the appropriate compliance framework in place, not only will you be able to avoid significant fines and reputational damage, you will also be able to show customers that you are trustworthy and responsible and derive added value from the data you hold.




The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on the 25th May 2018. We offer 3 packages with no hidden fees of which we will provide you with a face to face consultation on your current policies and future needs. We will then supply you with all the GDPR policies and documents to cover and protect your business. Depending on the package you choose with us determines which documents we provide you with.

Many organisations opt for one of our inclusive bundles for a complete approach to GDPR implementation and compliance. You should choose a bundle based on the documents included and not the size of your business (a small firm may require the full toolkit if processing large or high-risk data; whereas a larger company may only need basic GDPR policies if adding to an existing program.)



We offer SMART, SMARTER and SMARTEST GDPR implementation document bundles tailored around your establishment so that you can be sure that you meet all of the GDPR requirements.

A face to face or telephone conversation with regards to aspects of your current data protection policies. We will then draw up these documents branded into your company name and industry and make sure you are fully GDPR compliant by the deadline.


What does it cost?

There are 3 options available:

Smart Option – £595
Smarter Option – £995
Smartest Option – £1,495

For full details on what’s included in each option visit


What next?

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