Are you having difficulties:

  • Contract gone wrong
  • Invoices not being paid
  • Going to court or been to court
  • Problems in the workplace
  • Staff issues that your struggling to resolve

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). An independent, impartial person helps two or more parties reach a solution that’s acceptable to all parties. The Mediator will talk to both sides separately or together they do not make judgment, give advice or opinions or determine the outcomes – they will ask questions that help to uncover underlying problems and attempt to bring both parties to a win/win for both sides, the result being a binding contract that all agree on and has been cheaper than court.

Mediation is fast becoming the alternative solution to court and more often than not the courts are insisting that mediation is the option to take.

In certain cases failure to undertake mediation can still be costly even if you win in court.

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